I will be vulnerable;


soften my heart open with grace;


turn it toward you.



I will build a home there, with my own hands;


quiet the voices of critique;


recognize my lovability.



I will honor what I need with gentleness;


display my passions and offerings unabashedly;


never give away my power.



I will not need answers to everything;


welcome the unknown;


sit with discomfort until it blossoms.



I will anchor deep into the rich earth;


Seek a sweet lightness;


sway easily in the winds.



My actions will be flavored by love.



If you hate,


I will witness your fear and confusion;


If you are alone,


I will take you in;


If you are anxious,


I will slide my hand softly down your spine


so you can find your breath.



I will mirror your beauty when you cannot see it,


vast and varied and wild.


I will stumble and leap as I learn.


I will sink into love and let the rest fall away.


I will share this journey raw and open so that others may find the same freedom.


This is my life’s work.


I am eager to greet it each day.